Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am slowly recovering from the effects of the ice storm brrrr.
A huge 75 year old silver/red maple in my beck yard split down the middle. Half fell into the back yard away from the house --- thank God. The other half is still standing but is now a threat to the house so a tree removal company has been hired to come and take it down. That requires a crane in my back  yard. It will cost $$$$$$$$$ but must be done.
My back yard looks like a battle zone as that was not the only tree loss back there just the largest.
I am on the tree company's list but there are lots of trees down in Lousiville- some that went into houses.

After this I am seriously considering a natural gas powered whole house generator that will come on when there  is a power failure. Three times inside of one year is too much. 


  1. The aftermath of the storm there sounds a lot like what people dealt with in Katrina here. Except of course, the deadly cold. I'm glad that to know that you do have power again.

  2. I am glad it didnt come down on your house , praise God for that! can you claim on your house insurance for the tree fellers to come?

  3. susananne the insurance will not pay unless the tree falls on the house.... :-(

  4. glad to see you survived! so far.....

  5. That generator is expensive but worth the money if you are without power that often in a years time...

  6. Various storms over the years have devastated some gorgeous plant life in my yard. The last bad storm we had took out half of a beautiful peach tree in my yard. It hurt to see it in that condition.