Monday, February 9, 2009

When We Pray

I am always fascinated by the ways that people pray around the world. There is NO one way to pray that is better than another.

Some of us bow our heads and fold our hands in quiet prayer and some raise our eyes and hand in loud praise for the whole world to hear.

Some get down on hands and knees and touch our heads to the floor - some even face in a certain direction, as in Jerusalem or Mecca.

I know a man who walks and talks with God as one would a neighbor all the time.

Prayer is a conversation with God and what ever works for  you is OK.


  1. I talk with him as a 12 year old talks to another on the playground. I am never ashamed to have these conversations either.

  2. I agree. Whatever kind of prayer is offered up is a good one. It all works. I've seen it.

  3. For my undergrad program, I did a study on how prayer is good for one's health. The research was very interesting, and I was surprised at health benefits. I miss seeing you on my journal. Take care.