Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Your Personal Goals

Goals are an objective we set for ourselves to help us judge our progress. It is good to have good goals to encourage our service for Christ as well as our life. Goals should be clear, concise, challenging and realistic. They need to be stretching our past performance but still be within our reach. A goal should also be measurable in quantity and time. The stated a goal is a start but to give no time deadline to meet the goal is to lose its effectiveness.


Are your personal goals enough of a challenge to stretch you a bit and are they with in reach? 

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  1. Most people would wilt if they saw my personal goal list. I have been an absolute nut about setting goals since I was a very small child.

    I have achieved most of them and take pause every once in awhile to stop and enjoy what I have become as a result of this activity.

    I actually have a weekend retreat at the beginning of the year with my wife in which we discuss our quarterly, yearly and long term goals and commit these goals to paper with an action plan.

    Very effective I will add. I'm going to step out on a limb here and tell you that in an effort to achieve these goals you need to make them public so that you can hold yourself accountable to your family and peers.

    That is when the rubber hits the road.

    Time lines are essential no doubt.

    Larry, there will be failure along the way. The success you have however more than makes up for short term failures.

    My goals have changed of course with my life

    I want to add that as you achieve goals throughout your life you will find that during adverse times you will know how to live through any short term crisis.

    Peace be with you,