Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aching For Good News

How often have you literality ached for some good news! When I was in Viet Nam’s Gulf of Tonkin my mother ached and prayed for the good news that my ship was on its way back to the US. How many ache for the new that their son or daughter is coming home from Iraq? What good news have you ached for hearing?
Have you ever stood by your window watching for the mail carrier to trudge up your path? Did you ever sit by the phone anxious for that certain person to call? Did you wait for news of a new baby being born into the family?
This Christmas season we celebrate the wonderful “Good News” that has been beautiful news for two thousand years that Jesus is born. Our time of waiting for Christmas to come is almost over for soon Church bells will peal the beautiful news for all to hear. We celebrate the Good News of Eternal Life as a gift of our savior.

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