Sunday, December 20, 2009

Waiting For God

I am a patient man but just waiting around is difficult. When we are going somewhere I am usually the first one ready and then I have to wait for my darling wife to be ready. In the mean time I have nothing to do but cool my heels and wait. Pacing doesn’t seem to do me any good but that is what I usually do.

Advent is a time of waiting for Christmas and it is a useful time of reflection. Since Christmas day comes by the calendar we have not choice but to wait and wait and wait. As a boy this was the most difficult time of year for me – well you know I had to be good because someone was checking his list twice.
In our faith life there are often things we must wait for and just be patient as we wait for God. We don’t always see what God is doing during our time of waiting but we can trust God to see us through. Like waiting for my wife to be ready experience tells me that in her time she will be and we can go on our way, so too with God I have learned to wait. My experience is that when I trust in God’s time my waiting will be fulfilling.
Big Grin
So we wait for Christmas.

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