Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bible Stories

The Bible is full of truly wonderful stories that have drama, disasters, love and even some happy endings.
One of the most beautiful stories in the Bibles is the account of Ruth. - Read the Book of Ruth - This story  has it all. Naomi and her husband and two sons are forced to leave their home because of drought. The moved to nearby Moab where living is easy. Her two sons meed and marry local girls - happy days.
Cloud Nine
Happiness does not last for long. Death takes Naomi’s husband and both sons - sad days.
She sends both daughter-in-laws back to their families but Ruth will not leave her. - Both widows go back to Naomi’s home in Judah. Ruth’s loyalty and service to Naomi is noticed and rewarded when she marries one of Naomi’s kinsmen Boaz. This Moabite woman becomes the grandmother of King David.

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