Saturday, December 5, 2009

Electric Power Backup

In the last three years that we have lived in this house the Electric Power has been out about a dozen times. Most outages have been short term as in less than a day but four of them have been four to eight days long. That is too much! A very kind lady across the stree lets us run our 100 foot extension cord across the street to power our freezer and refrigerator. The only thing about that is she has also been with out power some of the time.
During the Ice storm’s eight day outage last January we decided that a better backup source was needed. Small portable gasoline generators don’t do enough and are dangerous. The also get stolen and you can not run them in the house or garage and be safe from carbon monoxide gas. Refilling the gas tank every few hours is a pain and you need to let it cool off first or risk an explosion or fire.
Cross Bones
All year I have been searching for an automatic whole house generator powered by natural gas. Most were too expensive and in the range of $15,000. But Lowes to the rescue this week they had a sale to an affordable price and I have one on order. Yea no worries this winter.

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  1. Good morning Pastor Larry :)

    I'm glad you have that generator on order for the winter! I do hope there was a shelter opened that had power during some of those many outages you had in the past!!

    "Kind neighbors" are nice to have! :)

    One of my kind neighbors pulled out a big Christmas box for me...

    and he had to pull out things setting in front of it (in the closet) and then put them back...

    all on his way to work he did this! He almost missed his bus because he was being a kind neighbor!!

    Have a beautiful Sunday :)