Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 1941

It was a quiet Sunday morning in Pear Harbor Hawaii but that was about to change. Well that was sixty-eight years ago and the trauma of that day is slowly fading from memory.
I was barely alive then and by that I mean I was alive but not yet born. I don’t feel the trauma from the day that shall live in infamy but I know a few who do. There are less and less people who do all the time. A neighbor down the street was a  young man still in high school on that day and he remembers that he promptly joined the Marines.   When his generation passes the date will just be another footnote in history for most high school students to remember for a test. The same thing will happen to September 11, 2001 some day. That is the nature of things.
Sad No
Today to honor my parents generation who felt the trauma of 68 years ago and those who died in Pearl Harbor I will lower my flags to half staff today.
Good Grief

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