Friday, December 11, 2009

One Little Baby

One afternoon I was sitting a surgery waiting room with the husband of a church member who was having surgery. It was a tense time for him as we waited and prayed. The room had a few other people awaiting news of their family and friends also in surgery.
As we waited a young couple with a baby entered the room and was greeted by a woman next to us. Her eyes lit up as she reached for her granddaughter. The baby girl smiled and giggled and in o time at all the whole room had a change of attitude. That one baby girl overcame the tension that had gripped us all and we relaxed.
I am reminded that Jesus came to us as a tiny baby boy innocent and loving. Christmas is a time to reflect on that great gift and how the birth of a child changed the world. If only we adults today could accept the gift of peace and salvation in innocence. If only we could over come our indifference, hate, and intolerance of those who are different. If only we who claim to follow Jesus would be faithful to the teachings of the Prince of Peace and live peacefully.
I pray for that day every day!

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