Monday, March 29, 2010


I received my 2010 Census and mailed it back in. Then I began to think about the big census in the bible. It is found in the Book of Numbers chapter one. The census is one taken by Moses counting the men of military age who left Egypt with him.
Of the 12 tribes there were 603,550 men
Of the Levites there were 8,580 men
Total men of age 612,130 men
But that did not count all the people for there were women and children that did not get counted. Not all men would have been married or have children. Some men would have several wives and lots of children so we can only get a rough estimate. There were also some non Hebrew slaves with them.
There may have been three to four million people in the group that left Egypt with Moses. Add into that the goats’ cattle and other assorted critters and you have a huge crowd trudging through the wilderness and camping out.

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