Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tomb Saturday

It was a dark and sad day for the Disciples of Jesus. Their Rabbi was dead and laying in a borrowed tomb and they were hiding from the authorities. What must they have been thinking? Perhaps “How could Judas have done that?” or “What went wrong? Jesus should have been crowned King by now!”
Sadness and sorrow griped their hearts. What now?  It was the sabbath so they could not escape the city until the next day as no one travels on the sabbath. How could they know that the glory of the Resurrection was about to be theirs?
Many of us have had dark days in our lives when it seems that all is lost. Now we look back and think. “I should have known it would work out.”  We do not think that at the darkest times because we are too absorbed in the pain. The old phrase, “This too shal pass.” is often a crutch that get us through to the dawn that is to come.

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