Friday, April 16, 2010

It Actually Worked!

Three years ago a tornado that passed through here took down about 20 trees in our community. As a result I had a huge stack of cedar and pine fire wood. I read an article on stacking firewood that said to put old carpet on the ground and then stack the fire wood on that. It would keep the bottom wood off the ground and it would not rot. I had some old carpet so I cut it to the right shape and laid it down where I wanted the stack of newly split wood.
Last year we lost a huge maple tree due to the ice storm and we now have about ten years of fire wood stacked up in the back yard being seasoned. The past winter we used up a good amount of the older wood stack so this morning I began restacking it so that the new wood will be on the bottom and the oldest will be on top for use next winter.
When I reached the carpet I was delighted to find that the author of that article was correct. The bottom layer of the fire wood was in great shape and to my great surprise the carpet is too. 

It actually workedBig Grin

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