Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP and the Oil Spill

I have been amused by the Republican comparison for the BP oil spill in the gulf and President Oboma to Katrina and President Bush. This being done by the very people who a short time ago were shouting "Drill baby drill." The two are in no way similar events. The hurricane was a force of nature that we saw coming for weeks. Everyone knew that it was a powerful storm that was going to hit the gulf coast and the Mississippi river delta and New Orleans were a target. FEMA ignored the warrnings and even when the news reported the disaster FEMA was slow to move. President told the director "Heck of a job."
BP through greed short cut safety efforts against the advice of the drillers, according to a worker on the rig.  The current administration has been on the job from the beginning trying to deal with a most difficult man made disaster. The fact that the previous administrations and congress have been allowing very deep ocean drilling using second rate blowout preventer's that the industry said would not allow such an accident.  Now we discover that the oil industry and the regulator's were very cozy and the later were not paying attention.
An interesting note is that those who gave full support to the Bush administration on Katrina are in a back door way saying he did a lousy job by making this comparison.

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