Thursday, June 3, 2010


The term “Lord” literally means owner, ruler, master or one who is obeyed.
It has many uses both secular and religious. We often use it when referring to God or Christ. It is sometimes, OK a lot, in less than a spiritual sense in casual conversation such as “O my lord.”
 Sad Angel
I wonder what difference it would make if when we called God or Christ “Lord” we actually meant it. If instead of being a title with little meaning for us that we obeyed God in all aspects of our lives. We would obey the Ten Commandments at all times. We would follow the teachings of Jesus at all times. What if we really loved our neighbors as much as we love ourselves? What if we returned good for evil instead of getting even? What if we shared the love of Christ with everyone we met?
I think the world would be a different place if every Christian all over the world obeyed the Lord of all the universe.
Is God really your LORD?What

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