Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Crooked Path

How many ways can we find to take a crooked path?
When driving your car at a too fast rate do  you slow down when you see a police car up ahead? Do you flirt with a coworker and hope your spouse won’t find out?  When a cashier gives you too much change, do you give it back? What do you do with a valuable item you find in a public place?
Even if the chances of getting caught on a crooked path are small we are personally damaged by being on that path. If we practice a life of personal integrity we will  live a more secure and happier life. If we practice uncompromising honest and faithfulness we will never have to deal with the embarrassment of being caught on the crooked path.
Leave the crooked path to others and walk the straight path in the security of integrity.


  1. Those crooked paths are so enticing sometimes.

  2. 10 Commandments:

    Following 100% reducing half of the stress out of the modern day person's life???