Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Throwing Money Away

I was taking a stroll through my fair city of Bellemeade Kentucky and on my homeward leg of my journey. I noticed a car up ahead actually stopping at a stop sign, a rare event in these parts. Then I observed the driver’s door opening and the driver dumped the ash tray on to the street, closed the door and made a right turn to drive away. I was incensed that some one would dirty up our street like that. I ran up to the corner but the car was already out of sight so I did not get an ID on the driver or the car.
Then I examined the pile of debris on to my amazement it was not debris from smoking but money. It was coins; to be exact it was penny’s dimes, nickels and a few quarters just thrown away. Some one threw money away.  I was incredulous that money was just tossed out. It could have been donated to charity or used to make a purchase but it was dumped out on the street.   
Being a good mayor who wants to keep his city clean and neat I retrieved the afore mentioned illegal deposit and brought it home. When I counted it I came up with $2.36 just tossed away. What is wrong with some people?
I need to take more walks around here.


  1. Thats just crazy! I cant even understand why a person would do that. They should have put it in a jar till full and donated it to some charity or something at least.