Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Official

Yesterday I filed my papers to become an official candidate for re-elections as mayor of the city of Bellemeade Kentucky.

This morning I found this on the city web site:

"I was so glad to receive the word today that out current mayor, Dr. Larry Lea Odom-Groh, has officially filed as a candidate for re-election in the Novemebr election.  Larry has served out city extremely well  in the two years (+/-) that he has been our mayor.  For that, I thank him.  For offering his service for four years, I applaud him.

Dr. Odom-Groh and I have not always seen eye to eye on some maters, but we have been in accord on having the best interests of the citizens of Belllemeade at heart.  It was very reassuring to have seen Larry looking out for us as he kept on top of the Shelbyhurst project.  Also,  he and Commissioner Brian Hill have put up speed hump and stop signs themselves to save us money.  He conducts commission meetings with professional dignity.

He deserves to be re-elected and we deserve a mayor that puts the personal touch on the position as he does.  Good look Larry and thanks for your service!"

It is nice to have that kind of endorsement. Big Grin

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