Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spiritual Strokes

A member of a church I served had a light stroke that affected his ability to write. His ability to think was just fine but he could not even write his own name and it was frustrating. His therapist said that he would need to start all over re-training his mind to write letters and then words. So like a child in grade school with a “Big Chief” pad and pencil he began to practice letters one at a time. By and by he learned to write his name all over again. His wife said his penmanship improved dramatically with all that practice.   
There are times when we suffer spiritual strokes and forget how to pray. The words just don’t come to us and we feel a loss of an ability that we once held dear. When that happens to us, we must not give up but begin again with practice as we did as a child. The use of simple prayers practiced allows us to regain the faith connection that once gave us strength and joy. God will heal us and deal with our frustrations.

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