Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom Cost

Celebrations around here lasted late into the night with local fireworks still going after midnight. The noise stopped shortly there after and we all went to sleep. A walk around the neighborhood this morning still showed the litter of all those bangs and pops in the night.
Now it is the day after and many people are back to business as usual for a July day filled with near hundred degree heat. It was important for us all to pause and give thanks for our liberties and remember the cost of freedom. I am well aware that the cost of freedom is constant vigilance. That includes citizens paying attention to our own government at all levels and come November to vote accordingly.
On the local level it often includes taking part in government by running for office and volunteering to serve on committees to get things done. It is not enough to just gripe about what you don’t like you need to get involved so that what ever it is it is done right.
 Cloud Nine
Support democracy – Get involved!     Big Grin

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  1. Yep, ya gotta get out there and do something! And we are lucky to be able to do that.