Friday, August 20, 2010

Assumptions ???

Someone close to me told me that my hatred for a certain “political person” clouded my vision. That statement took me aback and I had to think about it for a bit. He should have known me better than that but he had connected my disapproval of the man’s beliefs and actions with hatred.
I do not hate anyone! Yet from the perspective of others it may appear that I do because I express strong opinions. It is easy for us to assume things that are not true when we take our observations as a third party and apply our own reactions to them. So we might think, “If that person expresses extreme disapproval of someone else then he must hate him because if I thought those things I would hate that person.”  This is a trap that we build ourselves.
Most of the time there are not two sides to an issue but many sides. I have learned that when I hear an opinion expressed that I need to ask questions before making assumptions. I have to admit that I have often put my foot in my mouth sideways by speaking the first thing out of my mind before asking questions.


  1. Sad commentary on our uncivil discourse which seems to be the norm unfortunately, Pastor Larry.

    One should not presume Hatred on another's part if that person happens to disagree with him. That is done way too much these days.