Sunday, August 15, 2010

Colic Cure

From a sound sleep I heard an all to familiar sound of my infant daughter crying. It was almost constant for months and the reason was colic. TV commercials today teach us about acid reflux in older adults but it is called colic in babies. The poor things can not tell you what hurts they just cry that ear piercing sound in the night. She rarely slept for more than two hours so we were in a constant state of exhaustion.     
The country doctor suggested a teaspoon of whisky in a bottle of warm water and a spoon of sugar for the baby. Then he suggested we split the bottle between us.
It worked for the baby.Big Grin


  1. Teehee!!! I wish whiskey worked with horses with colic! It's less of a hassle giving a horse a swig of wild turkey than it is 20 minute walking sessions an hour and calling the vet.

    Poor's true, they have no way to indicate what hurts do they. That was a funny post.