Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back From Vacation

We have just returned from a great vacation to visit family in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Lord have mercy it was hot there and then we come home to 100+ heat here. I was able to meet a long time JS friend Summerwind.
Even with all the heat an no rain our grass is way too tall after two weeks away. I am mowing early to beat the real heat but it is already hot and humid.
Slap Head
Well back to work.Blink


  1. Oh wow. Summerwind is a wonderful human being.

    It has been the hottest summer I have ever seen. Not so bad in the Outer BAnks of NC but it was in the mid to upper 100's several times (Heat index and humidity were off the chart)

    Get that grass cut buddy!!!


  2. Of all things my mowing got interrupted by a freak rain storm.

    I agree about Summerwind