Sunday, August 22, 2010


I remember having a one day job every fall when the Ford dealer my father worked for had inventory. I usually was in the parts department counting all kinds of pieces of cars. Every part listed had to be counted and compared to the list of what should be there. They did not always match up. Sometimes there were not enough and sometime too much. I never knew what was done about the disarray in what was and what should be but that was not my concern.
Some times my life gets out of order too and my spirit gets in disarray due to haste or neglect. These are the times when I need to take a “Spiritual Inventory” and account for the difference in what is and what I know very well should be. Sometimes I need help and a spiritual director, Pastor, or really good friend can help me take an honest count.
Inventory is not easy but it is necessary if we are to be successful.Cloud Nine

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