Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some People ???

I read today about another celebrity, who should know better, who crashed and burned because of illicit sex.
How can these people think that they won't get caught when the whole world is watching them.
It blows my mind but so many do it that there must be a missing gene in the brain. Dunce


  1. I feel very sorry for them; at least when I sin, few people know about it and that's embarrassing enough. I cannot imagine the whole world knowing and that humiliation--hopefully, I pray, this person will learn his/her lesson.

    Just so much temptation out there, Pastor Larry...even more than when I was a teen and when I was in my early twenties.

  2. A missing gene or perhaps a gene that perpetuates the human species...

  3. Bobby yes that one commandment that we have kept so very well; "Be fruitful and multiply."
    Doanli to be sure we all sin.

  4. I think that some people feel "entitled".

  5. They are lost. Totally lost.

  6. Well, the survival of our species hardwires many of us to go out and make other human beings. I concur that is is a bad idea if you are in the public eye. I wish for whomever has done this sort of thing some kind of peace and forgiveness...