Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What ???

In the paper recently it was noted that a certain charity had purchased season box seats in the new arena for $92,000.00 per year. The tickets are to be use by potential high dollar donors. Right! They better be very high dollar donors.
 It was also noted that the executive officer made an annual salary of  $600,000 + perks. The total administrative cost of the charity was 97% of its income leaving 3% for the people it is suppose to serve.

In my mind this is not a real charity and I would never donate to one that had such a high rate of administrative cost and such a low rate of charitable work. This is a self-serving organization that raises money to provide for its self not to help others.



  1. Unfortunately charity is a business. Greed knows no boundary...

  2. Yes but most Charities do NOT operate like that one. Thank God

  3. isn't there a law claiming how much MUST go to charity in order to be legel, i.e. be able to be tax free or whatever? If not, there should be!

    There are too many scams out there... *sigh*

  4. Not in Kentucky it appears. This charity is now under a lot of fire and claims it will return the box seats.