Friday, October 15, 2010

The Last Time

The last time I visited my father at his house we discussed old times in LamesaTexas. During the course of the conversation he said, “The whipping [his word mine would be beatings] I gave you made you the man you are today.”
I glared at him for a moment trying to comprehend what he said. I told him that it was my mother’s faith that did that not his beatings. I then got up and left and never returned. It is sad that he honestly believed that.
 Cross Bones
Over the course of  the last ten years he alienated all six of his legal children and none of us are speaking to him. He will likely die alone in the nursing home wondering why no one comes to visit.
All six of us tried to reconcile with him many times but he kept up his verbal beatings until we could no longer take it. It is a sad state of affairs’ but he brought it all on himself again and again. He has no memory now so there is no making up with his children.  
Sad Angel


  1. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive him. I wish he could have seen past his own thoughts.

    You turned out just fine although you wish your childhood and relationship was different with your father.

    You are a product of your commitments and while you can't change the past you certainly have made the prsent and future a nice one for you and those you love.

    I admire people who rise above their circumstances.

    Peace brother,

  2. Thanks Bobby. I forgave him a long time ago. I simply would not submit my self to more abuse.

  3. It is awful to suffer abuse at the hands of someone you want to love you so dearly.

    Have a good weekend Larry,


  4. I could not say anymore than Bobby has. It is amazing to me when someone can/does rise against the odds. I am in awe. Complete awe.

  5. So often I see this with our seniors. A handful remain in our care with little family involvement or what is involved is often very disfunctional. Most often it is as you have described. So sad.

  6. I'm reading the book "Return of the Prodigal Son" by Henri Nouwen and decided to take a break from reading and cruise around on the net a bit.

    How different this entry is... how sad, how terrible. Because I had just been in such a different thought process, it was very shocking! Still I see the grace of God. Things could have turned out very differently in your life.

    Has your father lost his ability to abuse, along with his memories?

  7. Paula sadly he is even more abusive to those around him and the nursing home staff keep him sedated because of it.