Monday, October 11, 2010

Life's Storms

We were riding out a hurricane in our Jacksonville Florida home and though it was not the worst of that kind of storms it was still frightening enough. We prayed all though the storm’s passing.
I remembered the time that Jesus stilled the storm on the Sea of Galilee and then scolded the disciples for their lack of faith. It is difficult to not be afraid when the winds are blowing hard and fast all around you.
Like the disciples, we may go through literal storms in our lives such as actual hurricanes, cancer, accidents that leave us crippled or alone. Jesus may remove the problem as he did for the disciples on the sea but more importantly he stays with us through the storm so that no matter what happens around or to us we are His and safe with Him. We may indeed be terrified but no matter how big the waves or strong the winds Jesus will see us through.  


  1. Spiritual dryness also is especially a storm and a test of Faith.

    Life is full of trials, that's for sure.

    Thank the Good Lord we are only pilgrims here, destined for Heaven and total happiness with Him if we choose it. (Love and obey Him too.)

  2. Thankyou bunches, Pastor Larry ! :) I love this and it's so true ! I'm glad you made it through the storm, too!

    Ohhh, I just made it through a life-type storm :)God is with me all the time. He is the Light and He is the Way.