Sunday, November 14, 2010

It Is Fundemental

My darling and I are avid readers sometimes we each have more than one book working. Our idea of a pleasant outing is to spend the afternoon in a big book store. It is not so surprising then that our darling daughters are both in love with books.

At bed time they always requested that I read to them. I would read a bible story and then from one of their books. Then I would make up a story for them. To my great surprise they have remembered those stories better than I do.

Reading is fundamental to a developing mind so as adults we need to do everything we can to encourage young minds to develop a love for reading books,  papers, and stories.


  1. I love reading, and I LOVE book stores! I don't dare visit my favorite store because I always end up spending money on new books... and I still have so many already waiting to be read!