Tuesday, November 16, 2010

True Friendship

My blogs and Facebook allows me to click a computer button and make “friends.” I have made a lot of “Internet Friends” over the years most of them I have never met face to face. I read their blogs and they read mine and we establish a connection. On the old Journalspace I made that connections with some dear people whose writings touched my heart. I have only met one of them face to face and what a delight Summerwind turned out to be.

On a personal level I make a lot of face to face connections that can be considered friendships. They are people I know and like but they come and go in my life so that their friendship is tenuous at best. They are important but it is not a heartbreaker when they are no longer in contact.

I make a few really close personal friends whom I love dearly and would miss if they disappear from my life. Some of them have taken many years to touch my heart in that way and others made the connection in an instant. A true friend is a friend for life in my book and even though we have distance between us that connection is strong and powerful. I am much the better person for these friendships.

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  1. One can never have too many friends. I'm overstocked and taking more....I like it.