Saturday, January 1, 2011


Except for a few precious hours 2011 is a blank page in our collective history book. What it still has are possibilities, plans and promises. We will write in our part of the book every day and the control over what we write is up to us.

How will we respond to events both good and bad? How will we tell the people around us that we love them? Most of what happens in our lives is counted as small and mundane so that we hardly notice it. Yes that is true but the little things add up. Brushing my teeth every day is a little thing but if I do not do it my teeth will soon hurt and I will have to pay my dentist a lot of money later. Saying I love you to my wife every day, many times a day, is a small thing but it is really important to a happy life.

So what are you writing on your blank pages today?


  1. I'm sure 2011 will have a lot of surprises for us. And hopefully those surprises will be happy ones!

  2. May 2011 have many blessings for you Dorrie. Say hi to your dad for me.

  3. Hi Pastor Larry :) A brand new year ! I'm letting God guide me ...I have a new year planned, and high hopes! Many blessings to you and your family...

    About your entry ~ I agree .... it's the small things/actions that mean the most. :)

    Have a beautiful 1st day of 2011!