Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fast Growing Religions

Questions about other religions growing in America and what can we do about it keep coming my way. Islam is not the only religion that is growing fast in our Country. Several people have asked me to support a change in the constitution that would make Christianity the only legal religion. There are other countries that have done just that. It doesn’t really work.

The best, perhaps the only, way to keep America predominately Christian is for Christians to keep faith with the commands of Jesus to proclaim the Gospel, and make new disciples, then teach them to do the same. True evangelism is not a program of the church but a life style of every Christian. The church grows fastest when its members love God, love others and personally spread the word.  Sadly too many church members are not faithful to the command of Christ and sit back in their pews and wonder why their congregation is not growing.

The Christian Faith NEEDS men and women who will speak the Gospel with their words, with their lives and with their love. 


  1. Good grief! Really?

    I welcome all religions in this country, we have room for everyone.

  2. Many "speak" Christianity, but too many of them don't "live" it. Big difference.


  3. Pamela Really.
    Lowandslow that is all too true and it is a big difference.

  4. Whoa, Low and Slow! Hello!

    I feel sad, Larry. You were the last person I expected to say something like that. :(

    We are supposed to be a nation where all religions are welcome.

    Oh well.

    These hateful, crazy, so-called Christians like Sarah Palin and her sheep are giving Jesus a bad name. They flap their gums and give a lot of lip service about how Christian they are and how this is a Christian nation, and then behave in an extremely nasty and un-Christ-like manner. It seems like the actual, real, good Christians should focus on getting rid of (or changing the minds of) the members of their church that are giving the rest of you good guys a bad reputation. They're the ones who really need "saving".


  5. Pamela
    Perhaps you misunderstood.
    I do welcome all religions in this country.

    I was lamenting those who do not understand the great value of our freedom of religion. It is good for the individual and for the country. It is also good for the Christian Church.