Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Church at Best or Worst

The church at its best is a resource for spiritual development. The life of personal faith in Jesus the Christ is watered, encourages and nurtured by the church. Through the church the bible and Christian traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. The church at its best is a place to develop our spirits as Disciples of Jesus the Christ. This happens when the church is more committed to the Jesus of the Gospel than to the rules of the organization and when the disciple is also focused on Jesus.

The other side of that coin is when a congregation of off track and become focused on other things and not Jesus. This can be the personality of the preacher, fighting between groups in the church who want to be in control, or an on going sin by people in leadership. There are many reasons for a church to get off track but the strife that this causes always breads discouragement and bitterness. This can drive people away from Jesus and the church.

We always need to focus on Jesus first.

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