Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One "True" Church ?????

I have visited many churches that considered themselves the One True Church.”  They can not all be right and my opinion is that none of them are correct. My opinion does not stop them form having those erroneous thoughts. There are whole denominations that believe that about themselves as well as independent congregations.

We all want to believe that our church is a “true” church but it is high arrogance to state that we are the “only’ true church. The church, and I include all denominations, is a human institution that is imperfect. We are called to a holy purpose but we are full of sinners and that includes the clergy. We must as Christian’s center on Jesus the Christ as our way and not the church we attend.

I love my church but I know it is not perfect and never will be. As a pastor for over forty years I know that where three Christians are gathered there are four opinions. There are three individual opinions and the group opinion. So I never expect perfection at church but I do expect a place to share in worship of the one true God.

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  1. High arrogance. Well said. It is also arrogance to think we can define God as some do. We have glimpses through the Bible and Jesus' beautiful example. That's okay because God knows us and lives us anyway.