Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Glass Angel

When I lived in Seattle I use to walk down the street from my church office and watch artisans at work. One of my favorites was a glass blower who made a great variety of glass objects. I was fascinated at the way he could take a glob of molten glass and turn it in to all kinds of things.

One day I stood transfixed as he made an angel out of a blob of molten glass. In his practiced hands an intricacy of quick movements he made the glass angel simply seemed to appear. It was marvelous to watch his magic of glass art happen before my eyes.

When he finished and put the angel up for display I asked if he ever made a mistake. He smiled and said that when you are creating art an imperfection may occur but you can work with it until it is part of the art. Sometimes what seems to be a mistake can become the most important part of the piece. He held up that angel and pointed out a bubble in the head. That was not supposed to be there but now it catches the sun and makes the whole face shine.

God creates each of us to be unique. What may seem to us to be a mistake can become the focus of our beauty. God takes our imperfections and works them into the patterns of our lives.


  1. My comment does not really have much to do with your message of this post but I wanted to ask you if you have read, "Angels on Assignment" by Charles and Frances Hunter?