Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Foundation of Faith

My mother was always faithful about going to church for worship on Sunday morning. It didn’t matter that I had been out late with my friends on Saturday night come Sunday morning she woke me up and insisted that I go with her to church. How late I stayed out the night before was my choice so the hours of seep I received was up to me. Worship was as much a part of eating and sleeping at the Groh house.

When I went off to the navy church was not that high of a priority for me. There were months that I just never bothered. I had plenty of opportunity to attend chapel services on the ship or church when ashore. Now I did go once in a while but not often. I did find a Christian church in Long Beach that welcomed sailors. I discovered that when I went in uniform I often was invited to Sunday dinner. It didn’t hurt if they had daughters.

After the navy experience I settled in Austin Texas and began to realize the value of the faith foundation my mother gave me. I began regular attendance at Hyde Park Christian Church and slowly became more involved as my adult faith began to take shape. It was there that I began to really pray and became open to the Holy Spirit to the point of hearing God’s call to serve and become a pastor. That congregation was my changing time but it was my mother who laid the foundation for it. Thanks mom.

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  1. It was my mom that did the same.