Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sacred Solitude

There is a place at the inner most center of every soul where we most irrefutably hear the voice of God telling us that we are loved. To hear that still small voice we must quiet ourselves and find our place of sacred solitude. It is during our holy quietness that we discover the foundation of our relationship with God. It is not found in the noise of religious gatherings but in that place of aloneness with God.

That sacred solitude is where we find the Holy Spirit changing our lives by redirecting our spirits to follow Jesus to follow Jesus. This is the place where I first heard God calling me to ministry. This is the place where we feel grace and the love of God flowing through us like a series of waves on the beach of our existence. To be refreshed in our spirits we need to continually seek this place known only to us and God.

I do not diminish the experience of the gathering of saints in worship and study for that too is an important part of the Christian life. Both the sacred solitude and the joyful noise are vital to a well rounded soul in love with God. Each Christian needs both experiences for fulfillment. Seek the Holy Spirit in both places regulary.  

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