Saturday, February 5, 2011

Totally Useless Information

I received a book for Christmas called, “The Book of Totally Useless Information” that was an enjoyable read. Part way through this book I began to discover that some of the information was useless because it was wrong. So I began double checking some of the questionable facts. Sure enough it was bad information but to be fair some of the information was correct.

I also receive many emails telling me about outlandish things, usually political. Sometimes it says that it is approved by “snoops” so I should accept it as facts. However when I actually go to snoops and check it I discover that the information is opposite from the claim sent to me. The email usually invites me to forward this to my email list. We have to be careful doing that because that may also give the originator all my email information and even access to my computer. I don’t forward anything that an email asks me to.

Totally useless information can also be dangerous information.


  1. I agree. I never forward things as requested by the sender, and find most of it to be humorous at best, but nothing I'd want to stake my reputation on.