Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scam Alert

I received an email asking me about the following message:

“URGENT WARNING & MESSAGE - Sometime In April May 2011 A Major Event Off The West Coast Of United States Is Going To Trigger A Set Of Cascading Events That Will Collapse The Federal Government, Most State Governments, And Will Set In Motion National Bank Failures, Food Shortages, And Will Be Trigger Event That Will Start The Second American Revolution.

It was a youtube video that was removed for good reason. It was a scam using the recent disaster in Japan and playing on the fears of those living on the west coast.

Can there be an undersea major earthquake and resulting giant wave? Of course it is possible and most people living in the northwest know it. There is an undersea subduction zone of the coast of Seattle that could do the same thing that happened in Japan last Friday. Is it likely to happen in April or May? NO!

There are always evil people who will work scams on the clueless and fearful. Sadly these people will fall for it.


  1. So many people fall for this nonesense. But those who are saved and have the Bible's open have nothing to fear.