Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who is Greatest?

It is a natural human mental occupation to compare our own accomplishments to those of others. We often lament that we have done little in our lives by comparison. We humans keep all kinds of records like, who is fastest, strongest, or smartest. Those kinds of comparisons can result in hurt feelings, rivalry, or envy.

A father asked his son, “Do you know what Lincoln was doing at your age?” The boy looked up at him and said, “No but I know what he was doing at your age!”

Thankfully God does not measure our success using human standards.  It is not for us to compare our achievements with others or to judge another’s calling against our own. To some God gives great works to perform and to others work that may seem unimportant. Our calling is to faithfully do our best at what ever work God has given us. When we give our best to God then we have success.

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