Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Water or No Water

“Water, water every where and nor any drop to drink.” From the poem of the Ancient Mariner.

Lately water has been a problem in many areas of our country. There is either way too much or not nearly enough. Floods and droughts plague us.
Living on the banks of the Ohio river Louisville has experienced way too much and now the upper Missouri river is flooding and all that is heading down to the lower Mississippi where they really don’t need more flood waters.  

My family in Texas is dealing with no rain and the lakes that supply water drying up. All along the southwest drought and wild fires are laying waste to once thriving eco systems.

Changing weather patterns will affect world wide human social net works. Both floods and droughts will force people to move and sometimes to places where they are not welcome. It is happening now all over the world and I still know people who refuse to believe in Global Warming because it interferes with their political positions. 


  1. the weather situation is crazy eveywhere. We had drought in April/May, even the Rhine river ran with too little water; June had too much rain, but not the kind to fill up the reservoirs (but enough to make the farmers happy). I wonder what July will bring us......

    Those fires scare me more than the floods... they are too unpredictable.