Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Pledge for Freedom

Here we are on a long Fourth of July week-end. Some are on a mini-vacation enjoying some time off from work. Some have to work anyway so the holiday doesn’t matter. We have among us people from other lands who are glad to have the time off but could care less about the reason. One “Brit” that I know referred to the “So called American revolution.”

For those of us who do understand the meaning of  this holiday and fly our flags, celebrate with friends and family and watch the fireworks displays, this is a most important event. In 1776 Americans pledged their lives, their wealth, and their sacred honor to the cause of freedom and independence from the King of England. That was a pledge that started our country and has been renewed over and over again with each passing  year.

Even today young men and women are pledging their lives, their wealth and their sacred honor in service to America. In order to maintain our freedom and independence renewing that pledge is vital. As a Viet Nam veteran I remember making that pledge and still honor it along with the friends who shed their blood in full devotion to that pledge.

If you enjoy your freedom this week-end thank a vet and if you see someone in the uniform of our military express your gratitude for their pledge.  

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