Monday, August 8, 2011

Does God Exist?

I watched the Discovery Chanel last night dealing with the question “Does God exist” based on Professor Stephen Hawking’s  statement that God does not exist. Theoretical physicist, Professor Stephen W. Hawking has stated that based on his considerable knowledge of the laws of physics, time itself did not exist before the “Big Bang.” He then jumps from physics to theology and says that because time did not exist therefore God did not exist and could not have created the universe.

That show was followed by a show called “Curiosity” with other physicist debating the many sides of that question. Some disagreed with Hawking’s theory of time not existing. The question about the existence of God has been a long standing debate in the world of physicist. Was there are creation event caused by God or did it just happen?

Professor Hawking started with the assumption that there is no god and set out to prove it with science. Theologians start with the assumption that there is God and will accept no proof to the contrary. It is a debate between physical understanding that demands cause and effect testable proofs and the spiritual understanding that need no physical proof but relies on the relationship of our spirits with the holy spirit.

In case you haven’t guessed I do not agree with professor Hawking on this issue.  

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