Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love History

I can not remember a time when history was unimportant to me. I can remember in school that most of my class mates found this exciting subject boring to the nth degree. Remembering names and dates is not exciting to most people and it is not really all that exciting to me. What got me really hooked on History early on was the stories connected with those names and dates.

Behind each event in history is a fascinating tale if you look for it. I would read the short notation in my history textbook and head straight for the library to search for the rest of the story that I knew was there. When history is viewed in this way we are filled with the emotions of people being hurt, or having their hopes fulfilled. We feel the joy of their success and the crush of their failures.

The same holds true for studying the bible. A  list of dates is nothing but the stories are powerful. Reading the list of begats will bore you to tears but to ask, “Who were these people?” makes a big difference. Their legacy provides us with an example of how to life a godly life in relationship with God. We become part of God’s history.    

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