Monday, August 1, 2011

Thoughts on Marriage

Note how Ephesians chapter five verse twenty-one starts us off; “Be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ.”  Be subject to one another is an important concept in the Christian Marriage. For the Apostle Paul to say this in a very male dominated world is astounding.  Yet through out this section on Christian marriage that theme predominates.

          The introduction of the wedding ceremony that I use states, “Marriage is a relationship of mutual trust and esteem, blessed by God for the security, enjoyment, and growth of a man and a woman.” When any couple chooses to be married in a church or by a Christian Minister their vows are made not only to each other but also to God. A vow made to God is a sacred promise to be taken carefully and fulfilled with all devotion.

          Far too many men feel that they have the right to beat their wives to keep them in line. Like the man who was hauled before the Judge for hitting and beating his wife.

The badly bruised wife was telling the judge her story: “Your honor, he gets up every morning and starts knocking me around the bedroom. He hits me in the head with his fist. Sometimes he uses a shoe. If I don’t fix his meals just the way he likes them, he throws the pots and pans at me. If I dare open my mouth, he hits me with a beer bottle.”

Looking at the husband, the judge asks, “What do you have to say about his?”

“You can’t believe a word that woman says, your Honor, she’s punch drunk.”

Men who bring harm to their wives violate their vows to God as well as to their wives and put their own souls in danger. It is therefore a double sin!

          No person has the right to beat another. A Christian husband, according to Paul, places himself between his wife and any harm even to the extent of giving his life for her. As Christ gave himself for the church, Paul says this is the example for the Christian husband. The partnership between husband and wife is ideally so complete that they are as one person before the Lord. 

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