Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirty Three Years of Christian Marriage

Today my darling bride and I have been married for thirty-three wonderful years.

Last night we started a three day celebration of our anniversary with dinner and a play. Over a sea food dinner we remembered events of our wedding as though it happened last week. We are more in love now than we were then and I can feel the touch of her mind on mine at all times. I can hear the beating of her sweet heart and know the power of her love.

Because we are both ministers in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) our wedding was a little different than most. We wanted to symbolize the full partnership of our lives and our ministries. In the wedding Odom and Groh became Odom-Groh and following the marriage ceremony the Regional Minister of Texas presided over a ceremony of joining our ministries. He blessed our stoles and she placed my stole on me and I place her stole on her. We then presided together over Communion for our wedding guest.

Last night we went to Actors Theater to wee a Jane Austin play “Sense and Sensibility” about two sisters finding love. A most fitting and wonderful play.

Looking forward to tonight

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  1. That sounds like a beautiful ceremony!. Happy Anniversar.