Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anne McCaffrey

The news of the death of Anne McCaffrey at the age of 85 hit me hard. She was an author of more than 70 books and many short stories and was a wordsmith of great power to move my mind.

I discovered her quite by accident in 1992. I was on a flight home and had a late night layover in the Pittsburgh Airport. By that time I had read every book that I had taken with me on that trip. The airport stores were closed and I had hours to wait before my flight home.

I wondered the concourse and saw a tattered book abandoned on a bench.  It was "Dragonquest" by Anne McCaffrey. I do not care for dragon fantasies but I was desperate for something to read. Then I discovered that it was science fiction  set on a distant planet called Pern. Within reading three pages I was hooked on Anne McCaffrey. I now have all of her books and I love them all.

She was one of the great story tellers of our time and I will miss the expectation of waiting for her next book.

Rest in peace master story teller Anne McCaffrey!

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