Sunday, November 20, 2011


There are two kinds of "Turkeys" and through they are related they are not much alike.

The Wild Turkey:

Ben Franklin nominated the wild turkey as our national bird because it is smart and majestic.
It is indeed an intelligent bird that knows its territory like a map. It hunts for food both seed and bugs. It can fly and sleeps in the trees. It is wary of predators and is good at hiding.

 The Domesticated Turkey:

This is a stupid bird that is known to drown in a rain by looking up and keeping its mouth open. Most of them live their whole lives in a cage being fed and cared for so that they grow fat. Humans have enhanced them so that they develop large breast, so large in fact that they can not reproduce with out human help.

They have the same brains but the wild bird uses its brain while the caged bird has no need to exercise its mind at all. The difference is impressive! Now what does that tell us about ourselves?

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