Friday, December 23, 2011

Does It Really Matter?

For many years as a Christian Church Pastor I tried in vain to get church people to follow the bible in our practices. Culture keeps chipping away at the meaning and actions of our Christian Celebrations. It started early, very early, when church leaders incorporated two pagan celebrations into Christian celebrations. They moved the birth of Christ from January to the solstice day of December 25th and there it stayed in the Western Church. They changed the name of Resurrection Sunday to Easter Sunday to move Romans from the pagan goddess to Christ.  Then we have the whole X-mas thing which is a misunderstanding of the Greek letter “X” spoken as “chi” for Christ.

After 40 plus years of trying culture has won out. I know that I can never change what is to tightly locked up in people's minds and hearts. I have to ask myself, “Does it really matter?”

If we know what we mean does it matter what it use to mean?
If we actually do celebrate the birth of Jesus does it matter what day we choose?
If we celebrate the Resurrection does it matter what we call it?

The real test is that Christians do what Jesus taught! That is what really matters.


  1. no, it doesn't matter, just like it doesn't matter if God is called God, or Buddha, or Allah, or whatever.

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  2. Dorrie it should be listing. It listed for me.

  3. Very true...
    Following His teachings is much harder than celebrating.

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  5. It does matter. If you claim to speak and teach the truth you should practice the truth, but Christians have shown over the years, no the centuries, the ability to alter the truth, and manipulate the truth for the conquest of land, people and culture.

    But on the other hand does it matter I've asked myself? This year my life long indifference to Christmas time dissolved and I played Santa for the first time at a Catholic Church for a Church of God assembly. Ain't that something? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories