Monday, December 26, 2011

Positive Thoughts

Monday at home alone and my darling is back to work. Christmas is over and packages unwrapped. I look around the house and see one thing more. Clean-up!!!

I have wrapping to be hauled out to recycle, floors to clean, menus to plan and dinner to cook tonight. Here we are back to some sense of normal.

Right now I can take some time to think about things without interruption. The year 2011 has less than a week to go and it is time to reflect. What has this year accomplished and how do we feel about 2012? I have two calendars before me to help with that process. This year was good for me and I feel that the coming year has many promises’ for my life. I am most aware that God has blessed me in many ways and I am thankful.  

This is a week of positive contemplation and prayer.

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