Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In-Between Week

We are in the week between Christmas and New Years day both of which are celebrations. It is a week that is kind of a lull in activity. Before I retired it was our tradition was a week of vacation following the intense activity of Advent and Christmas. It was a week that I personally really needed to have some down time to restore a sense of sanity.

Now that I am retired the tradition of down time during the “In-Between” week hangs on even if I do not actually need it. As I no longer take vacations I simply do what ever I choose and enjoy the week of rest and reading the books I received for Christmas. Sitting by a fire and reading is most enjoyable.

Take some time in this In-Between Week to rest, reflect and enjoy your life.


  1. I'm working this week, but soon I'll have lots of vacation like you! lol

  2. I hope it agrees with you as much as it agrees with me.